G Spot

Accidentally stumbled upon an advertisement for jazz singer, Elizabeth Weeks, doing live jazz music at G Spot no, not that g-spot you dirty perv, a 'premier' jazz bar in G Hotel. I ain't a fan of alcohol, and at RM18 for a small, childrens' bottle of Heineken, it ain't cheap either.

Well, she looks nice (Elizabeth Weeks, not the small children) but her voice ain't up to my expectations. Jazz singers should have sexy, sultry voice (or hoarse, in layman's term) but her voice reminds me of Britney Spears or some low life pop singer.

Before any alarms are raised, no, I don't go there for the alcohol. I'm still an innocent, young kid who goes to church every Sunday, I go there because I likes jazz and I thought she sound like Norah Jones. I don't need the alcohol and I would probably not going there again because there's nothing attractive there. No hot chicks waiting for you to make your move, no sexy chicks to gawk on, no friendly waitresses to chat up and no wild orgy parties. Sigh, now I wonder why some losers like to go to disco/pub/bar/watering holes. Better stay at home and look after your kids.

Friggin expensive gods' nectar.

Elizabeth Weeks.
A little bit fat and doesn't sound so nice but she's sexy so I forgive her.

Saturday crowd.

A little review about the bar. Since the beers are kinda expensive and they have an in-house dress code ( no slippers and shorts) you can't find typical Ah Bengs popping ecstasy in this bar. You don't exactly get the suave, sophisticated crowd either. The crowd is somewhere between a cheap bastard like me and a 40-year-old family guy who bring his wife for some booze for some weird, unknown reason. There's like 30+ people in the place at its peak and it's a saturdays' nite.

Now where did I put my iced milo?


With borrowed smiles and masks,
selling values and frightening
spirits which had nothing to give you.
I want to know if you live or if you are dead.

Dressed in mourning cursed beings,
cut out since the beginning of time with the original sin.

I want to speak and look so profoundly inside this wretched soul of yours,
But can you hear me?
She that's wrapped with ethereal veils and shrouds.

I know you tried to see behind those wounded eyes
They're beautiful, as ever, but through the tears
I can still see into you.
Those sad eyes, they still sear my heart.

You sit there and wait but they had nothing to give you
Sinful passions marked your numbered days.
But you know coming back isn't an option.
And you know I will go back to the old ways, as always.

Dressed in mourning cursed beings,
cut out since the beginning of time with the original sin.

I pity you for your wretchedness
I don't think that you have ever lived, for me you were always dead.

Note: This had nothing to do with any situation, not with me, nor anyone. Maybe they DO tell something, maybe I DO write this based on my life, but your observations might not be true so it's not your concern. I'm not trying to implicate anything, I just like to write stuff like this, I do this out of passion so please don't feel bad for me. I know you won't, too :)

Not A Care For This World

Last Saturday is supposed to be Bon Odori festival so I went there to try to shoot some hot Japanese chicks, but all I found was hordes upon hordes of ugly Ah Lian wannabes. Not wanting to waste my time and gasoline, I divert to Plan B. I take a few snaps of the street, seems like taking street level shoots are much more interesting than merely snipe from my apartment.

Nobody gives a care for this world, not anymore.
Everybody does their own things,
chasing whatever they're chasing,
ignoring, walking about, walking away.

The clock tower, and the thing-on-the-round-a-bout which I don't know the name.
It's a 1.6sec exposure but the cars are moving too slowly :(

Everybody is just trying to etch a living.
Sometime it makes you wanna scream and just run away.
But then you wake up from your nightmare,
And you wipe your tears so you can keep moving.

In case you're wondering, I added the noise in the photos. My camera can't be THAT bad, no? I shoot at ISO100, 1.6sec handheld for two shots above and the third, I don't bother to find :p

Botanical Garden, Again

Some people never get bored with doing the same things over and over again. Me included. This is the 3rd time I went to botanical garden to shoot flowers, and each time it just gets better. Not sure if it's me or other factors.

I started to love those quiet morning walks every Saturdays and it gets even better when someone is walking with me. ;) Not that I have a hundred thousand things on my mind, but I really enjoyed just being there, doing the things I always liked, for no apparent reason. Feeling old? You're not alone.

As usual, 100% using my 50mm glass. I'm lovin' it!

He looks up into the sky and wonders,
Is there a place for him?
Even monkey have their darker days.

Don't-know-what-flower flower. It's super hard to focus on the stem with the super thin dof.

Paper flower for the broken hearts.

Paper flower for the broken heart again.

And even more paper flower for broken hearts.
So many broken hearts so decide to publish more paper flowers.

A bunch of don't-know-whats sticking out.
Waiting for bees / birds / pesky humans to help them spread their seeds.

Someone saw the blue beads and loudly exclaimed" take the pic! ",
I think it's rather CNY-ish :D

Each line tells a story, no?
I wanna b/w the pix but
I think most ppl ain't really receptive to b/w pictures yet.

Finally had the time to compile this wishlist, but gonna need to start saving some money so.. maybe need to wait til end of this year before can commit to buy one of these > <
Current Wish List:
1) Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 ultra wide angle = RM1.8k
2) Sigma 100mm f2.8 macro or 50mm f2.8 macro = RM1.4k or RM800
3) Sony F58AM or F42AM Flashgun = RM1.8k or RM800
4) C2Q or Athlon PC = circa RM1k

Life is beautiful as always

Teluk Bahang, taken circa June, 2008.

I had to admit, I ain't religious ppl and I don't praise God for whatever he thrown at me, in fact I don't even believe there's a god at all. If there's a god he must be lazy, just look at the shit we're all in. I used to sulk at how life treated me, the silly bouts of depression, how I hate my life and how good life used to be. I tried to forget all the things I want to forget but it haunts me (I haven't discovered alcohol back then) , I tried to scream but nobody's listening, and it seems like I'm living in the past, the burden getting so unbearable i wish i could just....... forget about it.

I wanted to write an emo post again but I couldn't, life seems to have picked up it's pace lately. I ain't as busy as I lead some to believe, I surf the net ~5-6 hours a day in the office because I do development work and there's no definite deadline to catch, so to be brutally honest life hasn't been all that bad for me. My bosses are nice bunch of ppl and though I don't earn alot I do start to plan for my future, even if I couldn't save a lot of money I tried to save some. I tried to make things work and I tried to shake off my old habits and pick up a few good ones along the way.

Though I had to admit, sometime, life is beautiful. Though it surely don't inspire poems and heavy metal music, but sometime, life is indeed beautiful. Maybe one of these days I will be going to some temple place and start to pray, and be one of those who look up into the sky and thank god for every shat he dropped on them.

Have you tasted the goodness of CB?

I went to Perak for some business last week, super busy rushing here and there, and no tour guide in Ipoh so did not really had the time to go snapping. But managed to meet with Juan (sorry this lamer din have a blog), only 1 year and he become fatter, lost some hair and a teeth. But this smiling bastard earn 4x my salary :(

Um... yeah. That's him. For those that don't know him, we became close friends in UTM because we get equally bad results (he gets worse than me) and get jeered often by some fker high achievers. Yeah, those ppl existed. They get 3.999 and they laugh at us. Though I admit I've been kinda lazy and consistently got ~3.2 in my study it was never right for someone to laugh at others just because they have better results.

Some 'lou shu fun' (literally translated - rats' powder) made in Kampar. He managed to bring me to some CB place ( no pun intended ) to tapau some CB back to my colleagues, if I'm free I'll try to snap some photos and introduce the CB to you guys whom I didn't bother to pass a few pieces to.

Have you tasted the goodness of CB? No I haven't. How does it tasted like?
On the way back, we went thru this signboard, if you did not catch the joke then forget about it, you need a few more years of growing up.

Butterflies Instead

Butterflies Instead.

Ok, this post doesn't seem like a butterfly post. Indeed. Most of the butterfly shots turn out crap. I don't shoot really lotsa butterflies cos they're all almost the same. So having already paid RM10 entrance fee, I reluctantly point my uber cool camera to plants and shoot plants instead. Butterflies are available, too, but if you're a good observer there's only two species. Only two fking' species of butterflies in a butterfly farm!!!! Even my backyard have more. Though I live in an apartment.

I think 99% of the shots here were taken with the 50mm glass. Sheesh. My other two glasses are left rotting after I got the 50mm glass. I just like bokeh too much I think I have a bokeh fetish. Focusing a glass with razor thin dof ( depth of field ) is a bitch, but if you manage to get everything together, the result is awesome ( for me, at least ) I know some ppl who don't like bokeh for some equally weird reasons as those who like bokeh.

Lilies, though there's only one flower in the whole place,
I manage to get this shot :P

Ong lai: Supposed to be good luck?

Don't-know-what-flower flower.

Don't-know-what-flower flower, again.
But not looking up into heaven anymore.

When the lightin's just right and the animals are behavin' the photos are a' rockin'.

Butterfly species #2 molesting some unknown-weird-shaped-flower flower.

Imma' at ur behind, molesting ur flowerz.

Still the same species.

Lonely butterfly, emo post.

Humans are gods' creation to destroy all other gods' creations.
Even a poor defenseless butterfly ain't spared from the wrath of humanity.

P/S: To the person whose hand is featured above, you still owe me some money. Pay me before I expose more of your body parts here.

Broken Wings

Butterflies, instead.

she looked at her broken wings,
It ain't perfect,
it was a 'ittle bit torn,
But nothing's so bad it can't flap again.
She flapped' it twice,
Look up into the sky,
The sunlight gave her strength,
And with her broken wings,
She's ready to give flight a chance again.

She's going to fly again.
And this time she's sure,
It's gonna be better than the last.

Little Penang Street Market June 2008

LPSM, June 2008 Review

I had the opportunity to join the little penang street market last week. The event is supposed to be some sort of 'cultural' event where it is supposed to represent penang in its entirety.

The last time I heard of the word 'culture', it almost rhymes perfectly with 'pussy', 'lame', 'boring', 'old-fark', among other unmentionables. But things get slightly different this time. Who knows you could get mini-rock concert, baroque-est style music, guitar duet, caroling all at the same event.

Anyway, the event is held every last sunday of every month, and I had been missing the event for some time due to some stupid reasons. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

The man who draw portraits gets portraited.
50mm glass, f1.7, shutter speed - not bothered to check.

A broken heart could do wonders for rock music, no?

One of teh band members,
last time I do hope I could get someone who plays guitar as a gf, but, what the heck.
Every boy dreams of becoming a rock star too, or an astronaut. Whatever.


This baby gonna grow up and be the next Kurt Cobain.
Or Eddie Vedder. Or another nobody, just like me. Sigh.

The ladies enjoy rock music, too.
And I enjoy shooting ladies who enjoy rock music xD.

The world has came a long way since Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a deram" world.
(refer below).

We all have derams. Woot.

Don't let your kids listen to rock music.

The carol conductor.
Says he: "No, you farktards, no! For god's sake, I say

No comment.

She closes her beautiful eyes, and her angelic voices fills the air with heaven's serenade.

Seem like theres too many pictures already. More pictures coming up next.