Some 'Ahhhh' moments

I spring clean my room today, and found my old digicam(click) among some pile of unrecognizable junk. A little bit adventurous, I inserted 2xAA and voila, it's working!
*note: I will review the camera soon so stay tuned.

I took a few pictures, and marveled at how bad the picture turn out. I used to pay RM550 for that piece of shit back then (in 2002 i think) and it had kinda served me well over the year (1 year only)

Feeling a little bit nostalgic, I quickly went to unearth my old collection of porn pictures. Most of them is took during my pre-emo times (when everyone dissed me and I don't give a fuck back then, before I finally submits to pressure and became goth emo). I go around taking pictures without prior authorization, I still do it nowadays though I do it much less because my stupid SLR is heavy.

Did i take better pix back then? I don't know. Pls let me know what you think of my photo taking skills back then in 2002.

Taman Universiti, view from an eatery called 268 or something.

Can you see the camel toe? xD

Fat hom. We drifted apart so no comment on this one.

Drifted apart with this guy, too, though never really got close with him anyway.
I'm too cool for this kinda shit.

Juan, look how handsome he used to be and look how he looks like now(click).
Or you can read the whole post here(click).

My attempt at art photos back then. No, they didn't post for me,
this shot is the natural shot of brotherly love (which we called gay nowadays).

Portrait shot of Che Hom (surprise, still didn't fight with him til now).

One day someone decided to smuggle some alcohol into the dormitory after I emo
(apparently some girl ditched me then) I didn't drink these shits.
I drank whisky cola back then :P

My ex-housemates, towards the end of our study we drifted apart and became enemies instead.
For the first time, I admit I'm quite sure I caused it :)

Ahh. Many things have changed, though I wouldn't say things were better back then (for the record, they ain't) sometime I do look back into the past and found some people who actually cared. Silently, I thanked the stars for these ppls in my life. Definitely, its much better having them than a bunch of douchebags around.

Boca's dildo

My boss fetched me to a place called Boca's dildo Bocadillo's for breakfast. Good luck finding that place if u wanna go. :) It's hidden on an off-beaten path of the usual tourist traps in Batu Ferringhi. Yeah, we travelled almost 1 hours just to eat some bread, if you're wondering.

Hot cocoa on a rainy Saturday morning :)

Some kind of pita bread with vegetable and fruit fillings inside.

Some french toast with lots of vegetable filling inside
(it was really big, the pix don't really do justice tho)

Yum. Bacon, german sausages, scrambled eggs, and all that shit.

Pedo shot ;)

No prize for guessing which plate is mine. (No, not the little girl u dirty old hags!) So is the place any good? Hell, it was damn good.

1) The place is not too busy,
2) It is situated next to the bitch beach.
3) Things were kinda cheap too, as an added bonus.
4) ??

But I wouldn't want to spend another 1 hour driving there just to get a breakfast. Unless I'm fetching someone *cough* close. So if you're a guy don't ask me to fetch you there.

Later we went to hike up the Muka Head lighthouse. The weather is bad and it's drizzling when we hike up and the humidity is like 102% so we're sweating like shit on the way up. But more on that some other time (usually that means i'll never post it again).

p/s: I think this post gonna get ranked up high in google search, with dildo, pedo and all that kind of catchphrases :) , but with all the wrong reasons. :P

Mini sakura in penang

Global warming confused some poor plants here in penang. They thought they're in Japan or something and they must flower their guts out for the ugly Japanese to see (else, the ugly japanese ppl will chop them down).

This pix is not nice but I put it as the first pix cos all other pix are landscape oriented >.<

This pix is not related but.... I just include it.

Can't see the flower. So just see the colour :)

On the road leading to doom.

I like the cloud texture of this photo.

UWA doing its magic here.

Not my leg :P

I took those pix probably in my half unconscious state, my colleague phoned me completely uninformed on the ungodly hour of 930am on a Saturday morning. I'm lucky I brought along my battery and manage to not end up in an accident driving my way there>.< My colleague said I looked terrible (half unconscious) when I arrived, that probably explains the non-emo style of my shots (emo engine has yet to fully operate). Some photos are so unfamiliar I don't know how to describe 'em.

Those pix were taken in direct sunlight, a nightmare for noobies like me. Thanks to my uber-cool Canon 5DMkII with 12-24mm f2.8L lens I can capture the magnificent color of spring.
Scratch that, Canon sucks. I plan to go for 2nd shooting during late evenings but the weather is not good so I stayed at home eating nuts instead and bathe in my own emotional delusions. (I suffered a major emotional breakdown again this weekend)

Travel to a strange land.

Walked into this strange town, it was unwelcoming,
sky's a bitch and it's dark as hell but heck, who cares.

But it was nothing significant, really.
Just some false belief and distorted perception, perhaps.

Looked into the ceiling, for inspiration, anything, just to get by.
Perhaps something will come up if you stare hard enough.
Or the ceiling will crumble and bring you to another happy world.

Everybody walks past me, without noticing, without a care.

Always rushing, never knowing what to do.
Perhaps, them ignoring me is not such a bad thing.
So I began to look at life from where they never, perhaps never will.

Some of them pulls out stunts, hoping to get some love.
Or to earn a life, some money, maybe, just to get by.

Like painting themselves silly, posing motionless for hours on end, just to try to get something. All they probably need is one shot. And god ain't giving so they kept tryin'.

People come, people go.
Cruel as they were, they gave a stare, they walk away, and life goes on.

And sometimes they do get tired, settled down, sit down, for a drink or something.

Opps wrong photo.

Riding an (almost) empty train to somewhere, anywhere, perhaps nowhere at all.
In the ungodly hours a giant awakens.

And he's going to make a grand entry.
Maybe one day people will realize, he's not a loser, after all.

Note: My travel ain't that bad at all. Head to Robbin's for some happy shit. Would elaborate more on the next post, if it do come out at all.