Floral Feast

Different people have different fetishes. Just look at this guy. He likes spiders, the hornier, the better =S I rest my case. I like flowers. No, I'm not gay. But I do like flowers. I don't know why. And I don't care.

Much had been happening lately, disappointment mingled with hope, there will be a hueg change in my life within a few weeks. No I'm not getting a gf, though I wished to =(

I hide myself within my flower,

That, fading from your vase,

You, unsuspecting, feel for me

Almost a loneliness.

-Emily Dickinson.


What did I bought for my bonus? Well...

Why did I bought these?
Things had sucked so bad lately, I feel like stabbing someone and inject with liquid detergent so I could watch them die and see the evil light fade from their eye. Yeah, you read it right. Liquid detergent.

"It is known that synthetic enzymes (in detergents) such as alkylbenzyldimethyl ammonium chloride are powerful phase transfer catalysts which can greatly accelerate the hydrolytic attack of glycerides, proteins, lipids, and genetic molecules. These additives are extremely toxic to virtually all living organisms."

Stay away from me you exploitative bastards. Don't be the unlucky one.

Kuching in mono

Had a short holiday last week, and for those who never seen Kuching, here you go. These are the pictures you never will see in glossy brochures and from other non emo photographers.

Comments on each photos are not there because I honestly do not know what to say. Been through a rough week, and the cheers of a significant bonus did not do any help. Feeling kinda neglected lately. Wheres the knife I ordered? I need it to slit my wrist =(