Canon 5D Mark II

It's amazing how many people nowadays are complaining about their gears. Dude, you got it all wrong.. Photography is never about the "hey kewl you got a D700 it can shoot at ISO100000000 OMFG!" and "OMFG your photo look so awesome... (and the inevitable)... what lens did you use?"

Photography is really only about 2 things.

1) Canon 5D Mark II
2) Canon 24-70 f2.8L IS USM

1) Light
2) Composition

No, photography is really about these two things. Many ppl bitches about how their 18-70 kitlens can't produce photos and stuff.

That's why your photo suck donkey cock, and that's why your photos never improve.
You deserve it. Wallow in the mud of mediocrity, bitches!

disclaimer: I did not say my photos were outside the "mud of mediocrity" so don't need to remind me that. I am a gearhead myself.

Totally disconnected piece of shit.

A collection of random, totally disconnected photos.

Retro gauge.


Towering into the sky.

Modern day gas chamber.


Happyness in a bottle.


She sounds terrific in myspace, but live, she sounded like a bitch.
Wasted my overcharged RM23 beer money.

Half empty cup of happyness.

The road ahead.....

... is full of shitholes blocking my way.
How can i go 0-100 in 3.2 like this???

Another fallen soul. (pardon my insensitivity, but I just don't give a fuck).

There goes another day.

Back in Action

Hmm.... no words. Cos dunno what to say.

Random photos

Hi mum,
Guess what, I'm still alive!

OK, I know, nobody notice I disappeared ='(
Been shelving my SLR and sold my lens at below-market-price to some ****** so right now I have UWA, and 90mm macro, and nothing in between. (if you say kitlens is a lens then I rest my case). I might go for a Zeiss 16-80 or something like 24-70 f2.8 in the future though.... Depends on how things goes. Or I might go full frame, who knows.

Horse's vomit. (actually some kind of japanese food (>_<) )


SEE members: Remember the "teapot and cup" story??? =D
Oh I forgot, SEE ppl don't read this shit.

"I will not win any award" written all over it. But it's nice though.. :o