Pg Bird Park

Went PG bird park for the 2nd time (first time no count, that time still noob). not really alot of stuff to shoot about (and me having max reach of 85mm only fml, some ppl still complain when they have 250x1.5mm) These photos u saw are really close ups (not macro) of the birds. Some of 'em the lens really shoved up their ass faces and some bird retaliated by pecking at my RM190 Kenko lens filter fml.

Business is not really good even when it's a Sunday, considering we're the only customer up until around 11am when a bunch of obnoxious kids appeared out of nowhere to rip the hell out of these poor, malnourished birds. Such is the life of these poor fellas.

A little intro about the bird park. Entrance fee is RM15 for locals (the ticket lady will demand to see your IC) and RM1 for cameras. Entry starts at 9am and can be quite interesting if you slowly spend some time inside. Because most of the birds on display can be touched you can get new experiences with these things (and in the process risk getting bird flu as souvenir).

Emo bird.

Almost liek Robin. Looking at the sky.

Sniping a bird.

A group of flamingo (or whatever their name is)

Bridge over troubled water.


Q: How does the chick cross the road?
A: ???

Another emo bird.

Yet another emo bird.

Pecking at my filter. Damn moody bird. Other birds just walk away when I approach. Apparently not this one.

Feeding from all the nutritious bird shits.

The pride of Sarawak. Available only in Borneo Penang.

Alice in chains.

Trying to break loose and be free. But she could only dream.

Emo bird again =D

After my experience with something longer than 200mm previously(shake/blur/dark aperture), feels like I'm not going to get myself a telephoto lens again. However, I do rather miss those opportunities that is available with something like 70-200mm can offer... But their size always makes me reluctant to buy one because it'll somehow end up in my dry box after all...