Isn't it strange, when the reason we are (still) together is the frank denial of our devotion for each other?


Last week's roadtrip.

From PG--> Sg. Petani --> Kedah --> Gunung Jerai --> PG.
Go make your own conclusions from those pix.

9 Emperor Gods

After surviving on 50% vegetarian food for 9 days finally the torture ends. Go google yourself what is 9 emperor gods. I'm just as clueless as you.

Found out theres a parade near my place so quickly assembled a light strike force to join the mob. Wish there's some nice photos there, and didn't come back disappointed =)


Flag bearers. Someone ask me "beautiful meh? So blur"
I just "......"


Erm... Whatcha looking for?

Mom telling son to stop smoking.
Son sulk. Refuse to look at mom.

Enjoying a puff. (risky shot =S)
Just imagine what would happen if i got caught =S

Patung wayang or smth. Gotta excuse the frown there.
She must've worked like 20 hours?

Erm... normal thing people do.

Shin Chan lookalike contestant #5.

Come join teh mob.


Gotta love my SLR. Some photos are pushed to ISO51,200, though it's far from perfection in many people's eyes, but the effects are really... nice. At least from my POV..

Autumn in Germany

In Germany for the week, managed to take these pics =D
Not bad, eh? haha... Gosh, I began to liek Autumn!


diu: A cantonese word for fuck. Commonly used inconjunction with explicit, specific and graphic descriptions of the object that is being fucked.

please: used in polite request; "please pay attention"

Some people mixes these two words up. you say "please" if you want something.
You don't say "Can you give me that? Diu." You'll probably not get what you want.
You say "Can you give me that? Please?" You'll then probably get what you want.

But some people uses "diu" nonetheless, and expect others to comply. But as expected, people don't. So then they go around bitching that guy is a jerk and he's a weirdo and he suck donkey cock and all the other unpleasantries.

It's a weird world, after all. Diu....


Wish I had more time to go out 'shotting instead of busy hustlin'.

Yesterday it snowed for the first time. Click to enlarge.

No prize for guessing how I took this photo (no, it is not -ve, you dumass).

Back from holiday

....only to go on holiday again XD

and springs a little' surprise along the way! XD XD