Botanical Garden Part II

Botol-nique Garden, Part II

Too many pictures for 1 blog post, so put into two separate posts...

Water droplets on some kind of weird-above-water-plant-i-don't-know-the-name.

Cute leaf, and someone ought to cut their fingers.............
I mean fingernails.

This shot is best if viewed really close,
but since I'm not a macro lens,
the sharpness ain't all that awesome....
50mm macro lens = next purchase.

Some decors' for mini plants.
Quite cute, actually, but forgot to buy on the way back.

Some ppl liked this plant so much they exclaimed "3d flower!!!!!"
which I find it rather ..... typical.

Forgot where I took this pix. But it's nice nonetheless.

Really small flowers on display.

Time to buy a macro lens, no? Either get a 50mm prime macro f2.8 ( which sucks at low light ) or a 50mm f1.7 ( which sucks at everything except low light ). Robin, any suggestions?
There's more pix, but this post is getting too long and I really don't feel like posting multiple small images on one single file like some ppl ( maybe cos their pix sux? ). Photos are so nice if you can see the details. Yeah, I'm a pixel peeper.

Some random quote:

"If the house is rockin' don't bother knockin', come on in" -Stevie Ray Vaughan.

P/S: I'm into guitar again, after so long ignoring it. Some guitar tune kept buzzing in ma' head.

Botanical Garden / Floral "Fest"

Botol-nical Garden

Beside the monkey bitch beach, I went to Pg Botanical Gdn last weekend with an old flame a coursemate, it was really is nice place. A lot of ppl were on their way out when we arrive at ~940am, pg ppl were a healthy lot. The whole area is very shrouded so sun is not an issue, the place is cold, damp and dark even when the sun is shining like mad. Did not finish exploring the whole area, will definitely go back for a second visit soon. And they had a floral exhibition going on, where many hybrid and exotic plants went on sale.

Anyway, the first batch of random pics.

Ever heard of cannon-ball fruit?
No, this is not cannon-ball fruit, it's cannon-ball fruit's flower.
The cannon ball fruit is almost as big as a full sized coconut.
I do not bother to take the fruit's pic tho, it's fking ugly.

The texture of an old tree. Seems like it went thru WW2 or smth.
But I like the texture, though. Events will really shape up something, anything.

Some wild shrub, quite nice, actually.

Lots and lots of mini-venus-flytraps. I kinda wanted to get one pot for my office desk,
but it's not meant for fluorescent environment, it needs direct sunlight :(

I think this is some kind of tree with family lineage related to the mini-venus-flytrap too,
but I'm too ignorant and too proud to find out :P

Courtesy of ah james, I shoot both the monkey bitch beach and botanical garden pix entirely in raw, swallowing up ~7gb of what left of my precious 40gb ancient hdd space. (I think I left 4gb, some prawn collections really had to go, great sacrifices must be made so advances can be achieved in photography) Time to get a new hdd / probably a new PC soon. It takes almost 10seconds to properly load a raw file with my uber fast barton 2600+ chip. Uber fast, as in 2005, that is.

Coming soon: Part II
Stay tooned....

Monkey Beach

Monkey Bitch Beach / Pg National Park

Me and a few lazy arses we went there for a stroll, sit around then come back for some iced cold drink in an air conditioned restaurant, lame huh? Overall the place is ok-ok only but several points make it suck.
  1. Touts are everywhere. You don't feel like you're going to a national park but to a territorial war zone where you are afraid to step into some touts' land and get bashed for it. They built up shacks and offered bbq packages for rich bastards to enjoy while poor bastards like me we don't have a clean beach anymore.
  2. The routes are unmarked and unkempt. Easy to get lost and get bitten by a tiger.
  3. The beach is not really that clean.
  4. Touts are everywhere. I really hate them so I had to say it twice.
Anyway, pictures do make up the mood, actually I'm quite suprised the pictures turned up the way it is. ( i don't wanna say nice cos ppl will say my pic taking skill suck ).

Lazy arses walking under the hot sun,
don't ask me why but I like my photos dark / gloomy.
Bright pics are for wussies.

Ever wondered why it's called monkey beach?

Swamp water overflowing nicely into the ocean,
and little fishes swimming against the current,
really nice view which I did not bother to take.

Coconuts, what else?

Beach trip photo set won't be complete without a coconut tree > <

Panorama of the monkey beach, notice the dead dog?
No it's not dead it's posing for me. Good dog.

Of all those shots, I liked this one the most. :P :P
It's like gods' ray is shining the pier.
Though u learnt that god doesn't exist.

Some things I found off the net, describing perfectly how I felt right now.

A little bit of guilt,
a little bit of sadness,
a little bit of regret,
And a whole load of what-ifs.

I'm sorry,
did not mean to hurt you,
It's beyond me,
I cannot carry the weight of a heavy world,
Goodnight, hope you
sleep well tonight,
And hope that things will turn up alright.



NBTD, so gone to Pg Bird park for a photoshoot session with ah james and ct (this antique guy din have a blog) for a wonderful session of self-discovery and unwind at the magnificent park. Entrance fee is RM10 for locals and RM20 for foreigners or locals with foreign objects in their body. Cameras are charged RM1 each, which is darn cheap compared with other places. We arrive at 9am++ and finish exploring at 1pm++ Here is part of the 300++ shots I fired.

Fuck the lame intro, I know this post is lame, just fap gawk at these hot chicks as a consolation.

Taking portrait of don't-know-it's-name bird.

Don't-know-it's-name-either bird

Pea-cock, is it pea-cock? ( - ___- )

Fking ugly owl,
I can't stand its ugliness I had to take its pic
and post it in some lame blog.

Pride of sarawak, the great hornbill,
available exclusively on penang island.
(weird, I never seen this bird in sarawak before)

That's all for a lame post tards.


Some pedo nice kid photos for you all ungrateful tards.

My first attempt at shooting some other ppl's kids, nice? xD
Too tired to update with moar pics, enjoy gawking at these
poor kids while I try to grab some sleep.

Offtopic: Thanks for this thing that u know i probably won't use
but I'll forced to keep it anyway. U know who you are and
see, it's still with me :D


Sometime I search for someone,
I have to scream,
Sometime somebody listened to me,
They stick for awhile,
Sometime I really wished they could stay,
But life's a journey,
And they gotta go.
Oh how I wished one of them could stay.



FishNote: Not done by me but I keep it anyway.

First Post

Testing > <
Friendster blog sux, If I could get over with these html mumble jumbles then probably I'd switch to here for good. Been parking on this name for few years now ~ ~ it's about time to use it. Period.