Fking new pc

Thanks to impulse purchase and the creator of credit cards, finally I get a new pc for myself, after pondering for many many months.

There is no problem with my old rig, I assembled it to last for 10 years during my overclocking heydays. There is only one "small" problem though. The processor core is slightly outdated to handle number crunching that my new hobby (read: photography) requires. Not to mention the amount of RAM is insufficient to handle ram-(in)sensitive applications like photoshop and lightroom. So that left me with two choices, either upgrade the ram to 2gb or more, or to get an entirely new pc. A new 2gb stick of DDR ram will cost me... I had no idea. RM260? Add 5x that amount and I will be able to get an almost complete new pc. (don't blame me, I'm penny wise, pound foolish)

And so I get a new pc, the specs can make a grown man wept, yeah, really.
Processor: e8400 dual core, 3GHz, 6MB cache, 45nm process.
RAM: 2GB DDR2 800MHz.
HDD: 320GB SATA2 with NCQ(?)
M/B: XFX nForce 630i uATX
Casing: InWin (chapalang) uATX casing.

Okay, for those still following pc trend it's nothing to shout about. But suprisingly I am delighted to know that I could build a pc 100000x more powderful than my old pc for 1/4 the price. Take a look at the mainboard.

Look at the connectors;
HDMI, DVI, VGA, SP/DIF, eSATA, 100channel audio,
and they even have keyboard and mouse connector! Impressive!

The casing: You really need to come to my place to see how small it really is.
Or wait til I'm motivated enough to tidy my room and take a pic.

For me, the most important point of the whole setup is noise, because sometimes, I'd like to shut out all the noise of this mortal world and listen to Diana Krall. This casing is designed for proper heat ventilation, and, it delivers. There's only two fans in the whole casing, one for the power supply and one for processor. During operation, the casing barely emits any noise. The only noise coming out is the rotating HDD platters and disk head accessing data. Impressive!

Who wants my old system, now? :D

Autumn in Stuttgart

Ok, my boss sent me to Stuttgart for another short trip which was deemed rather necessary judging on how things had unfolded around here lately. It was a really short trip, but I have been lacking in internet access and email so I'm actually glad to be back.

It was already autumn and the weather is gloomy, as usual. At 2c to 10c 'hottest' plus the windchill I could barely go out of buildings to take these pics.

Lavender, though the greens are fading,
you can still smell the faint lavender you always found in made in China,
melamine laced, cheap soaps.

Nothing is eye catching during the day,
so I walked ( and walked) and walked, wandering aimlessly.
Maybe I could find something interesting in this wilderness.

I saw an old couple walking,
perhaps enjoying the little sunlight that is still available,
preparing for the harsh winter ahead.

They probably should come to Penang.

Two giant statues guarding the super long ( few km's)
walkway leading to a royal park
(Rosenstein park, iinm).

The neverending road, covered with super tall and old trees.

Ah, it's already autumn.


No dude, the lack of updates on this blog doesn't mean I'm fking lazy. I've been struggling with deadlines. Look at my previous posts, it's all about struggling with deadlines. But I still wanna say it, I've been so swamped with work recently. And I've been taking breaks off my photographic journey so that I could catch up with some office tasks. Hope my increment better compensate me properly for my dedication, else I'd just get my fk outta here.

And yeah, no pictures.

And when the night falls,
I realize there is nothing worth to see,
I am alone with all the things I've done,
On my lips I feel the frown,
Because there is nothing left for me to say.
So I entertained the swirling thoughts of you in my head,
Each and every time it hurts the same,
The pain never really go away,
Every time I try to stand up,
I trip, I fall, I hurt myself again.
I can't seem to stand up again,
The chain, the pain, it's all too much,
They held me to my sins,
Through which I hurt your feelings,
Hearts that were never meant to be broken,
But I hurt you anyway.
To this sin I did condemn,
please forgive me and my mistakes,
Cuz it really hurts when I tried to breathe,
so I hold my breathe,
But here comes death,
I don't want to go,
Before you let me go.
Before you forgive me,
Break me free,
Save me from myself,
Say you'll forgive me.
Hold me tight,
And say that you'll forgive me.
Hold me with all your might,
and save me.

p/s: just some random shot of inspiration.