Christmas Present

Christmas came early this year (in spite of the looming recession).

One day I woke up and felt sorry for myself, so I decide to spend another two grand of my blood and sweat money before I die. On to my favorite camera shop I went.

Can you see the christmas present? It's a freaking UWA!!!!!!

What does it do? It can take wide angle pix. And that's all it can do.

Some lamer is bound to ask:
Boy: Mummy mummy, why you need a UWA? An ordinary lens can do the job just as well!
Mum: Yes its true, even your lame kitlens can do the job.
Boy: So why do we need UWA?
Mum: I don't know, probably because some ppl ran out of things to write into their "1000 things to own before I die" list.
Boy: Oh, I see.
Well, if this acknowledgement doesn't make you happy, nothing will. Go get a razor blade or something and run it thru your vein. Remember, along, not across!

What can UWA do? Well, among other things,
it can capture some chi kho pek watching an old auntie walk past.
With the camera pointed somewhere else.

With such a shallow depth, the lens have almost infinite depth of field.

Photos come out crisp and clear without you having to shoot into focus charts. Time to go shoot actual pictures instead of sitting in your sorry lab testing your second-hand lens. Probably the focus is out because that other guy dropped it on the floor. Opps, I didn't tell you that!

I'm sorry if you don't see any interesting pix. I assure you regular quality content will resume soon, and if you're one of the 5 regular readers who decide to ditch my blog after you read this post, please, I need you :'(

V-day Symphony

Photos I took during during the weekends. (last weekend, to be precise). Tomorrow is V-day, and wtf am I doing here....

I hurt myself again, today.

So I took a little walk, maybe it could clear up my head.
A little, perhaps.

Perhaps I should remind myself to never take the forbidden fruit.

Perhaps I should believe theres' a better world out there,

Or a world where a thousand demons are waiting,
ready to make your day go really bad.

Perhaps I should invest in some faith.

Maybe I could be wrong, maybe the world is waiting indeed... :)

Where are you now? Please don't leave me :'(

CNY and all that shit.

While the world braces for a looming recession, we chinese bastards still have the mood to celebrate CNY. This year, it's all about massive fireworks. Bigger and grander than last year. Talk about moderation. Though I don't capture fireworks on CNY, (it's a lame thing to do in CNY) the other guys in the 'hood spares no dime in showcasing their wealth. Massive artillery fires up during the pre-CNY night. The scene in Gaza is pathetic compared to what we get here in Kuching.

What have I done during CNY? Well, this year I done things a little bit differently. I no longer go on massive visiting. I visited a few friends that really mattered to me, and spent more time there.

After disappearing from 'the scene' for so long, here are a few pix.

Suprisingly many ppl do not know this fish here in peninsular. Talk about us Sarawakians being 'sakai'.

My ~10 year old turtle.

I thought she came here to stay. They're all just visiting.

These were the kids that I'm forced to grow up with.
Look what happen to them now.
(if you're sharp enough you'd notice some of them spies aint' supposed to be there)

And how could you not love this guy?
(NO, NOT the d-bag in the background)
Some things just never change.

Worrying signs were appearing all over us now, what should we do? I don't know. I asked a few of my friends, neither were them. We were all too engrossed in our own little sandcastles to see the bigger picture. A small part of me realize I might lost my job some day, but the bigger part of me refused to acknowledge. And then I go back to my old ways, as always.