Hello again

Well... camera left in the dark for months, luckily still functioning (and battery still  around 80%, phew~ ) so take it out and fire some shots. How is my photography skill compare to last time after a "short" hiatus? =)


Cancer in a tin.

Weird Flower #1

Weird Flower #2

Weird Flower #3  
Weird Flower #4?

Pardon the messy formatting, lazy to edit..

So that's it, i guess...



P/S: Not me write 1 =P 

Garden of Perfection

The very idea of beauty died so long ago, 
But sometime i catch a glimpse, 
At the call of your name or by the touch of your hand. 
I saw this place as Adam once saw Eve, 
But gone is the garden of perfection. 
Now all that's left, 
the dirt we've become, not the dirt we came from. 


I'm running out of things to say, 
Running out of lies, 
Out of trust, 
of love, 
of dreams,
I'm starting to get a little tired of running towards you, 
So I guess I'll have to stop for awhile. 

Then I realize I'm all alone.

CNY@Kek Lok Si, again.

After a short hiatus, I'm finally back to taking photos. I revisited the biggest religion supermarket(tm) in Asia to snap some CNY cheers there (they light up the temple like a fking bloody christmas tree every CNY). The first time I'm up there snappin' the CNY mood is the time when I just got my SLR (it's a Sony). Enough of flashback bullshits. I'm now a Nikon user and not very happy about it. Nikon suck donkey cock, period.

Anyways, it's like a SLR slug fest up there. Tens of thousands of I think there must be like 20-30 photog who yield a bloody tripod and a bagful of camera gears (battery chargers, blowers, lens tissue, lenspen, lens cleaning liquid, a spare body, a spare compact camera, USB cables, card readers, their Sony A230 user manual, etc etc) proudly totting their gear, blocking the path as if the whole fking place belongs to them. Time have sure changed. I still remember the "good ol' days" when only pros had something that resembles a camera with a fixed focal lens on, and these ppl, they respect the environment, never makes a scene like they own the baddest SLR in town. OK... I made up the last line... but I really think SLR users are a bunch of motherfuckers now. Especially those that took less-than-ordinary pictures.

Enough ranting, lets move on to those less-than-ordinary pix. =S

So many Gods, so little foods...

 Lanterns... *yawn*

'Tis the season of giving and sharing and be merry.

Guanyinmas riding on top of 'ya.


Look at big momma!

"How long do I have to mann this counter?Sigh.."

Lanterns again, *yawn*

Gives new meaning to "I'll be watching you"

Let's pay RM10 and make some greenhouse gases so Gods bless us.

Disclaimer: Though I might appear to be rather offensive to some particular religion, in actual fact I respect 'em religion lots. I do not litter, I *try* not to block others from enjoying the view of the temples, I pay my fking parking fee to the temple committee, etc etc.


As I was speeding down the Jelutong expressway (the only road in Penang that you can legally "speed" at 80kph) then suddenly a thought came to me.

It's Saturday morning, I've just closed a deal with my favourite vendor, was on my way to lunch with someone i don't mind spending the rest of my life with, the car no longer produce a creaking sound (i just fixed it yesterday) Everything just seemed so right. Suddenly, I had this realization, I'm actually happy being who I am.

Could this be the beginning of something good?  

I eased the accelerator while a song about the story of hip hop fades into the background.

p/s: The deal is a small one, mind you. So don't come asking me to treat anything you bloody leeches.

Random photos >_<

Finding emo.

Pedobear, where art thou?

One taken before tis' could even be snapped wtf.

Unassuming looks >_<

Teh correct way to hold a dim sum.


Flower shot, for once in quite awhile.

Not sure what is this flower..

My new loot.

ISO6400 f/16 macro ^ ^