Dim Sum mornings.

Kept these two pics for sometime now. I especially craved these simple mornings where someone will accompany me to a quiet morning walk in the park (botanical garden, duh!) then proceed to fill up in these dim sum place nearby. Been looking forward to these walks lately, because work has been rather bad. Kinda lost the motivation these few months. Working with a bunch of lazy germans is no joke.

Typical chinese eateries ambient:
noisy, packed, humid, laid-back, somewhat excellent service
(compared to lansi expensive franchise outlets or german restaurants).

Chopsticks and condiments.

Nowadays it seems like my life is kinda moving downward. Not much excitement, not meeting new interesting people, no new things to play with. Sigh. What a life.

Botanical Garden / Floral "Fest" II

Plan to went for an early morning hike up penang hill on saturday, but its drizzling so decided to went for dim sum and then go back again, in the rain, for the floral fest. Might go again next week because photo taking is extremely limited (imagine asking my company to hold the umbrella for me, and imagine photographing in the rain). If it wasn't bored enough for her to wait for me taking my sweet time composing my photos.

I like to go to the garden, it's always so refreshing and there is always something new to capture. And not to mention leaving the office far behind. Some of the plants are really nice. The blue coloured tarp is a real bummer though. Why don't they just put those plants on neutral / natural coloured elements instead. Stupid event planner.

But overall, the floral fest is a disappointment. Not much nice stuff to photograph. The event is badly organized. It is planned to start on saturday, but there were national guards guarding the entire place preventing people from going in on saturday. Reason? To give some room to the judges to judge the plants on display. I do saw many disappointed photogs hanging around the area. Though I'm not one of them. I'm cool. I manage to sneak in and take photos for around an hour before being detected and chased out.

Early morning shots. Somewhere in botanical garden.

Desert Rose(?), my mum can grow a better hybrid than this pot back home....

Fake Flowers on display, anyone care to give me a clue what is the name of this plant?

Bouquet of flowers.

Malnourished plants on display.

Some bonsai are without leaves, wonder how they grow.

Nothing special on this plant :)

Random shot.