Once in awhile I took some photos that I grew to like very much :) Click to zoom in and admire the intricate details :D Before you ask, it's my hands :) One hand holding camera, one hand on the book.

50mm f1.7 and f58am in wireless mode can really do wonders :)

P/S: If you don't like it.... well, suck it.


Actually I wanted to take some neutral pix, emotionless, but i guess what i took is rather... Make your own interpretations. They are not the best but they kinda fit into a certain theme.

Work had seriously been overwhelming I think it began to affect my sex life. Anyone looking for an expert to lay a hand on systems integration/tests development/anything electronics? Work must be easy with a slight hint of challenge, pay must be >RM4.5k (sorry for lower wages go get a bangla engineer instead) and a steady supply of photographic material near workplace will be a seriously added advantage.

Can we live with faith alone?

Just a few lingering questions in my clouded mind recently.

- Can we survive on faith alone? I used to have faith in something, it let me down. I could be a realist in many things that people around me knows me for, but not many know I used to struggle with my own illusion. I still do. I still harbour some unrealistic hope. Like for example, getting a RM1000 payrise end of this year, when I just got a fat package last month. And comparing my salary to someone 3-4 years my senior and complaining to boss about my meager salary.

- Why we only like what we could not have? Not talking about relationships because I'm shitty in that, I know. Years ago when I'm still surviving with RM400 allowance, I'll have an orgasm when I touch an iPod. Right now I'm earning bucketloads of money, but somehow iPod losses its sex appeal on me. I'm still trying to figure out how to spend my money nowadays. Trying to find something to buy, something to get by.

- Why find someone you hate as your life partner? I seen that in some people. And I still don't understand why. Imagine living with a whining bitch/ dickhead for the rest of your life. Oh, and I forgot about the 50% divorce rate. Point is, why keeping the relationship when it's clearly not working? As a spare tyre? As a lifeboat while trying to find another bigger ship? To achieve the economic of scale? Afraid of being lonely? Ain't a relationship is supposed to make you you?

- Not a question, but I hate whining bitches. And yeah, why do they exist? They have IQ the same level as a plank. Yet, they try to be smart, act cute, do a bunch of very insensitive things, making you feel really bad, and a hundred other stupid things. You can just ignore a dick, chances are he wouldn't cause you much trouble, but when you tried to ignore a whining bitch, she talks behind you, like, really TALK so that you'll notice her and hate her a little bit more.

Ok that's just my personal opinion to the questions I asked myself. Truth is, there are still many nice persons on this earth. I just make it sound so bad because I wanted some attention myself. Hell, yeah, whatever.

A bunch of a hundred other insignificant things.

Sorry for the super long update interval. Sorry for the lack of social meetups lately (not that I'm known for that anyway) Sorry for not being there. Sorry for not dropping by for a comment or smth. Sorry for being ignorant. Sorry for a thousand other things I must apologize for. Sorry for me, being me.

OK as usual I've being swamped with work lately. But I really am :) I must've left my camera there for two weeks without molesting her and she must've felt kinda lonely right now :) Maybe tomorrow I'll go out and take some photos, away from the madness in office, escaping, finding a way out.

The sign that says it all.
There might be hope, after all :)