This post is dedicated to the thousands of millions of mother chickens who endure the pain of eggbirth every day for their life, so that we could enjoy them chicken eggs for our breakfast.

A two handed approach to handling eggs.

A one handed approach will only end up in lots of broken eggs.

This is how you choose your eggs.

Take your time. Analyze the egg slowly.

Realllllllll slowly.

Yeah. THAT slowly.

If you did not choose properly, you'll end up with duds like this...

Then you get angry. You hurt people. Unterstand?

Eggs can be made into delicious foods like this, if you choose your eggs carefully.

Blog award: Lamest post of the year.

While Robin go and shoot hot chicks, i end up going to shoot some old dudes practicing qi gong. (ask me if you want to know moar) See how different we are? :D

My lonely birthday present

Get this thingie for my b'day (and a bunch of other unmentionables) but was kinda surprised cos someone actually remembered i contemplated buying one of these very long time ago ~6 months ago(?). Duh, I was hoping for an iPhone or smth >.<

Can it do any tricks? Well, it can sing.... =/

But anyways. Thank you, whoever you are. From the bottom of my broken heart. I guess the iPhone might just have to wait another year..hmmm.....

For the rest of you, if you can't figure out what is this thing, well, I heard some ppl used this to stick it up into their anus for some weird pagan ritual, maybe you can borrow this from me and test it? =X

Happy Birthday to myself

Well Fish,

Congratulations, you made it thru another year. So what's next?

Live thru another year?
Feeling like I was meant for more?
Believe in hopeless dreams?
Become cold?
Fight and flee?

Maybe, I just don't care.

Maybe knives ain't for cutting cakes anymore :(

P.S. Had an argument with my boss yesterday so I'm not in the best of moods, but anyway. You damn dicks still owe me presents. :( I'm not emo, don't worry :D

Day out in town

Took a day leave from corporate slavery and go to town with my boss (suprise!) We went to Khoo Kongsi, some Kuan Ying temple in the middle of the town, Rumah Per-anakan and a few other unmentionables. Verdict? Well, spending my precious leave and getting sun burn in the afternoon sun?


I swear, that is real rust, not some coloring!

A tribute to *something* I don't know Chinese so what the heck...

Khoo's clanhouse. Mr. Khoo himself must be damn rich.

The other side of Khoo Kongsi.

Quan Ying temple at the middle of e' town.

Rumah Peranakan. (literally translated: making baby house).

Some ceramic flower which is supposedly made in England in 1900's.
Very expensive stuff (i think).

Damn nice house. This room overlooks some middle compound. Super nice.

Tube radio. Though radio condition is unknown. Probably not functioning.

Nice Courtyard eh?

Kitchen, or ancient meth lab I think.

Damn nice oven. Temperature control, powder coated exterior, timer, what more could you ask for?
Cooking guide? Yeah, they include THAT too.

Some kitchen (wow, they have a fridge back then!)

Hope I have something to do this weekend >.<

What makes good photograph?

I am tired of saying this to everyone who knows very little about photography.

No, SLR doesn't automatically capture your bitchy gf into a sexual vixen.
No, better lens never make better pictures.

What makes a better picture, is effort. Maybe you're born lucky with an ability to take better picture compare to others. But if you do nothing and sit at your home every day thinking maybe you'll get better pictures if you have that better lens, then by all means, go buy the lens. Maybe it can make your candid photo 1% sharper at the edges and maybe it reduces vignetting, slightly.

The difference between a cheap and an (very) expensive SLR (A200 vs A700/900) is minimal. Maybe you get a better EV range, maybe it scored better DxOmark, maybe it had few more buttons, but the pictures you took will not change drastically. Learn how to capture a good picture before you even start considering better lens. Heck, I can proudly say, I would get a similar picture to what I get now if you give me a compact, any compact. If you want to get better pictures, go get a film camera. While you're at it, why don't you consider a medium format? Or a large format?

I spent 1 year, almost few hours every day to get to where I am now. I studied what I captured, why it suck, I studied why other people get better pictures, I ask for feedback (not thru forums) I take in honest comments and criticisms.

If you expect to become Ansel Adams after you bought your cheap-ass SLR (preferably Canon), go eat your own shit and fucking kill yourself. I'm tired of being the nice guy (aka the wussy) trying to explain this to you all shitholes.