Willkommen In Der Joo Und Casey's Hochzeit

Ok, the title is lame, using some weird foreign language to get attention. Basically I'm trying to say welcome to the Joo and Casey's wedding.

Been visiting Taiping zoo (again) and this time armed with my SP90 macro, I manage to get (very) few shots. Fixed zoom is not the thing to bring into the Joo. Unfortunately, someone is using my 18-250mm superjoom and I'm left with my ultrawide(!) or my SP90.


Teddies don't hug back, but sometime it's all you got. *sob*

Some weird animal (zombie, in actuality) feet caught on film.

Lonely comel camel.


Dear Deer. Or doughnuts.

Not so nice elephants.

Guys, say hi to Casey and Emily.

Chili bokeh.

Some weird food.

Some weird toy camera.

Some weird soup.

Sorry but nowadays are not always in the mood to write a lot of happy stuff. Its good enough that I'm not stabbing someone right now.

Just a thought.

Found this somewhere (don't ask).

1) Let go of what is not working.
2) Lean back on the things you don't really need.
3) Think about the things you do (and still do) that no longer serve a clear purpose.
4) Examine old mindset.
5) Simplify your taste.
6) Be more mindful of what takes your breathe away.

It's all simple, dandy and stuff. But all it takes is a single step to redefine your life?
I always like to ask myself these questions,
"Why am I here? Where do I go from here?"

Maybe all it really takes is a single event that makes us take a second look at ourselves.

P/S: I know many would not understand this post. Fuck that.