Random photos >_<

Finding emo.

Pedobear, where art thou?

One taken before tis' could even be snapped wtf.

Unassuming looks >_<

Teh correct way to hold a dim sum.


Flower shot, for once in quite awhile.

Not sure what is this flower..

My new loot.

ISO6400 f/16 macro ^ ^

Life Lessons

I learn some small details these few months.

1) A lot of people wants to be successful but very few is willing to do the dirty work.

2) People liked getting trapped in life-wasting routines not because they don't know it; rather, they chose to waste their life.

3) Many people dislikes engineering but they do it anyway.

4) No amount of training will get you anywhere near the "talented" person you aspired to become. It takes much more than a stack of books to be the "talented" person.

5) People (esp engineers) SHOULD really evaluate where their strength lie and move toward that direction.

6) No such thing as "income generating hobby".